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Environmental Policy and Social Responsibility

Hotel 4 Barcelona contributes to the conservation of the environment by promoting actions that favour recycling, the rational use of natural resources, the optimisation of energy and more.

Some of these actions include:
Use of low-consumption light bulbs.
Use of highly energy-efficient equipment.
Use of motion sensors for passageway lighting.
Dual-flush cisterns to reduce water consumption.
Promote the re-use of towels to reduce the use of detergents.
Concentrated detergent dose system to ensure rational and less aggressive use.
DISTRICLIMA1 supply system for hot and cold water for both heating and tap systems.
Recycling of materials: glass, paper/cardboard, plastic packaging, organic matter.
Recycling of batteries.
Recycling of lights (halogen, low consumption, fluorescent and LED).
Separation due to decanting and processing oils and vegetable and animal fats for subsequent purification and transformation.
Member of “Barcelona Forum District”, association of companies and institutions in the district that promote social, cultural and environmental values (

DISTRICLIMA is a highly energy efficient centralised system that enables water to be heated and cooled to be distributed in buildings, companies and hotels in the "22@ Poblenou" district.
Via a distribution network, water can be cooled to 4ºC or heated to 90ºC and transported to the hotel facilities where the hot and cold water enters the building's system, enabling hot water at taps and air conditioning/heating.

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